1.Fine Motor skills:

Children have the ability to use eye-hand coordination, strength and motor control to use age-appropriate tools effectively.

  • Demonstrates eye-hand coordination to perform fine motor skills (e.g stringing beads, building blocks, completing puzzles)
  • Maintains stability in sitting/standing to use two hands together for activities of daily living( e.g grooming, dressing, feeding)
  • Demonstrates the ability to use classroom tools for writing, drawing, and coloring.
  • Demonstrates the use of various types of technology (e.g touch screens, ipads etc.)

2. Gross Motor skills:

Children have the ability to maintain their position, move freely for physical fitness, recreation, and personal well-being.

  • Demonstrates balance and control for ball skills. ( e.g throwing, catching and kicking)
  • Plays games involving physical activity (eg. Movements for walking, running, jumping, marching, galloping)
  • Demonstrates the ability to participate in playground activities.
  • Safely negotiates stairs, curbs and uneven surfaces.

3. Sensory processing and Motor Planning skills:

Children have the ability to process sensory information and to coordinate movements.

  • Demonstrates the ability to plan and execute movements with developmentally or age-appropriate speed, coordination, and accuracy.
  • Demonstrates a tolerance to a variety of textures, sounds, sights, tastes and visual stimuli presented within the child’s environment.