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Nectra Preschool, a creative world which believes in providing Jubilant enthusiasm, power-packed energy, intelligent thinking and courageous question raiser environment to the young and innocent minds.


Nectra plans and delivers its curriculum in such a way that it does not take a troll over young minds. Activities are planned keeping the strength, calibre, and age in mind.

1. Fine Motor skills: Children have the ability to use eye-hand coordination, strength, and motor control to use age-appropriate tools effectively.

2. Gross Motor skills: Children have the ability to maintain their position, move freely for physical fitness, recreation, and personal well-being.

3. Sensory processing and Motor Planning skills: Children have the ability to process sensory information and to coordinate movements.

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It is said that in order to bag the title “ Excellent” one has to excel in all walks and all tasks assigned to him/her and bring about the utmost results. An excellent teacher has to be the clown of the class. Nectra chooses its teaching staff wisely and calmly.


Choose Nectra?

It teaches that “ Success” can’t be spelled without a “You”……..

So You are welcome to be a part of the fun-loving and creative, reflective and pondering, knowledge grasping and skill applying environment… Welcome to the world of Nectra…


Discove Our Kindergarten Photo Gallery! Bellow you’ll find some pictures from our nice activities